Submission Call! Yr City Zine

The ever-amazing Jordan O' Jordan is putting together a zine of fun things to do around the U.S.- a travel guide for touring musicians and wanderers, perhaps? More details below, but, in his words: "Realistically, if each of you can make 5 lists for your city (for example: Good eats, Free Fun, Cool shit, Weird shit, Where to drink), we'll have SUCH a great thing!  All-in-all, I feel the lists should take you about 15 minutes.  These are the things that JUMP into your mind when you think about your town. "
(Those already represented: Austin; Brooklyn; Chicago; Cleveland; Davis, CA; Huntington, WV; Oakland, Olympia; Sacramento, Ca; Seattle)
"Two Assumptions:
1. My friend Gina Sarti made a SUPER-awesome Welcome-to-Oakland zine that tells newbies all about the fun things to do in the East Bay. (SO RAD!)
2. In my time hosting visitors in Seattle, I seem to make the same list of "things to do" over and over, often scratched on a post-it. (inefficient!)
A Hypothesis:
 It seems to me that we are all travelers.  And thus, in hopeful reciprocation, often host other travelers.  And also thus probably often offer Here's-Cool-Stuff-To-Do-In-
This-Town advice to said guests. Is this true?

A Conclusion/Proposal:
Here's my thought: Let's make our lists! Then, let's compile them!  Into a tiny set of punk zine city guides! What are your thoughts?
Experimental Methods:
I'm not thinking that these need to be anything crazy-involved...just perhaps a set of a few lists that travelers in your city might find handy. 
For example:
1. A list of Delicious Sandwiches!,
2. Are you broke? Free Shit to do!,
3. My Fave Dance Nights,
4. Best Late night dining options for drunk queers
5. DON'T try to bike up these hills!
6. Best Places to take an Adventure-Date. "

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