May we present: Barren Nieces

So, Barren Nieces is coming to the NW for a small series of shows next week (one of which will be at our house in Olympia) and it made me dig up this promo thing I wrote and didn't end up using.
Olympia, Portland, Seattle folks: you must go see this guy! So good.
"Our favorite album of 2011 (by far) is the lo-fi indie pop masterpiece Lascivious Occupations by Barren Nieces. After playing a show with him in his home of Tempe, Arizona, we have made that cassette tape a part of our identities (it's that good). Using a guitar, a loop pedal, a piano, and a cello, he creates brilliantly crafted mini-epics; melodies so strong in songs that shy away from any kind of memorable chorus. Giving just enough pop to keep you wanting more, but ultimately taking some mythical high road of songwriting. To us Northwesterners, it reminds us of days when we would see (now-famed) Seattle bands play to 20 people in a room and wonder at the cruel joke that kept them from being known outside their hometown."
Barren Nieces- Nevada
Barren Nieces- I Thought This Would Be Louder

Sunday, November 13th Portland @ Bahh House (w/ Emp Moe, Zena Bat, Desiree' Ale'ne Rousseau)
Monday, November 14th Olympia @ The Alamingo (w/ Poppet, Letters, and Josh Kane)
Tuesday, November 15th Seattle @ The Mystery Machine (w/ Daycare and Nod & the Hobgoblins)

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