Prince Zine reviewed in Bitch Magazine!

Our very own Prince Zine has made The Bitch List in the Fall, 2011 issue of Bitch Magazine. We are so honored.
"What do Prince and 'the wives of Washington' have in common? That would be 'Darling Nikki', the titillating track off 1984's Purple Rain, whose racy lyrics sent then-senator Al Gore's wife, Tipper, on a crusade to save the world from the devil's music. Joshua James Amberson recounts these and other fun facts in his substantial compendium of Prince appreciation. Amberson notes in the introduction that, while he's not necessarily the purple one's biggest fan, 'I love when famous people do weird things with their fame.' His insights on Prince's movies (apparently Madonna turned down a role in Graffiti Bridge because 'the screenplay was awful'), beloved side players (Wendy and Lisa!), and music-industry battles combine with Rachel Lee-Carman's killer sketches of the artist for a fun, if emphatically not comprehensive, read. The Prince Zine illustrates that Prince has his highs and lows, but that's not why he wears heels." -Bitch Magazine

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