August's Feature of the Month

A few weeks ago I got the pleasure of being in Chicago for the first time and, as is required of a zine enthusiast, spending my first extended period of time at Quimby's, the legendary bookstore that carries more zines than any retail location I've ever seen. After being overwhelmed, I asked Liz who works there (and also does the Caboose zine) for recommendations and she show me 8-Track Mind, which editor Russ Forster had just dropped off.
It was fate. I read it on the train back to where I was staying and was in love.
"This issue of 8-Track Mind comes after a ten year (!) hiatus and is by far one of the best zines I’ve read in a long time. No longer purely an 8-track fanzine, it is now a look at the future of paper media and analog technologies in the digital present. Editor Russ Forster asks 14 people who have been creating for long enough to be considered legends (from filmmakers to authors, magazine publishers to members of punk bands) the simple question “zines vs. blogs?” and gets an amazingly wide range of thoughts on everything from the collectors’ market to 8-track Boy Scout merit badges. Fascinating and sometimes hilarious, refreshingly level-headed."

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