New for November


Farm & Wilderness Report Zine #1- A deep dive into the communal farm movement and underground press movement of the 1960s and early '70s. ($5)

For Your Health: Making Sense of American Health Insurance- Anna Jo Beck provides a primer to health insurance in the United States—in all its complex, ever-changing, inhumane glory. ($6)

Hippie Watching in North America, Volume 5- Coming out of the ever-burnt out depths of festival culture, this is the fifth volume of everyone’s favorite humorous field guide to the modern incarnations of the hippie. ($7)

Know Your Vote: A Workbook to Get to Know Your Elected Officials- A workbook zine from Anna Jo Beck that seeks to help you make sense of the United States voting system and political structures. A much-needed guide for anyone left confused by the (often ridiculously complex) American systems of democracy. ($5)

A Light That Never Goes Out- An epistolary zine from Jonas (Fixer Eraser) and Julia Eff about mortality and carrying on in the face of serious health and mental health issues. Raw, real, and filled with ghosts. ($3)

Syndicate Product #24.0: Unrecommended Reading- One of the all-time great compilation zines, returns with Unrecommended Reading. Ten contributors write about the books that disappointed, angered, or otherwise drove them nuts. ($4)

Tin Can Telephone #5- As always, a delightful hodgepodge of curious bits and unsung projects. Within: an introduction to filk music, a history of the Indian Stream Republic, and much more. ($4)

The Thread #16- An expert in stirring opposing energies and forces into the same pot, Rachel Lee-Carman's zines are always unlike anything else; an experience all their own. Grandma's tea readings, palm readings, the roots of the word witch, sipping spells, urban herbal harvests, poems in hollowed-out eggs. ($5)

Windowcat, Issue Two- The second issue of the Portland poetry zine Windowcat, "an ongoing collection of words dedicated to furthering the reach of poetry and spreading the infinite variations of language-play that can exist." ($5)

Zotte Park #2- From zine reviewer and tape labeler Stephen Lazotte. A wide assortment of memories from childhood, laid out old-school perzine style. ($2)


Appalachian Yard Art- Patina- In a catalog rich with psych-folk gems, Patina is one of Appalachian Yard Art's best. Strange and playful, the album traverses a broad sonic and emotional range. (cassette + digital download) ($5)

Reighnbeau- Slight EP- Six off-kilter love songs—sparkling pieces of art-pop music for voice, electronics, acoustic guitar, and autoharp. (cassette + digital download) ($5)

Sickboy- Jurassickboys- Belgian electronic producer Sickboy returns with Jurassickboys, an amusement-park ride through pop culture's destruction. Released on Portland's own Fukdup Records. (LP + digital download) ($15)

Tucker Theodore- LSG- The latest from Tucker Theodore is an album of ten instrumentals in two movements that pushes his singular psych-folk sound into a near post-rock expansiveness. (cassette + digital download) ($5)

Various Artists- Covers Project 1: Wintergatan- For the first volume of Why the Tapes Play Records' Covers Project series, nine artists interpret work from Swedish electro-folk band Wintergatan. A wide range of reinventions—from solo kalimba to chamber-pop to oddball electronic. (cassette) ($6)

Woolen Warrior- Dear Crone- The latest from Olympia's Woolen Warrior. With its expansive take on sparse Northwest indie folk (think early Pedro the Lion or Damien Jurado), Dear Crone is an album about cycles. Featuring musical contributions from Pamela Margon (Tattered Dress), Andrew Dorsett (Lake), Ariel Page, and Jen Grady (You Are Plural). (cassette) ($10)


Look To The Sea + The Sky: Weekly Planner Any Year- A build-your-own planner from Cindy Crabb of Doris zine. Weekly spreads with days of the week that you can fill in the dates of whenever you choose to begin. ($13)

Pedal-Propeller Graph Paper Notepad- A graph paper notepad made from recycled/reused materials. ($5)

Spider Sketchpad- A spider looking out through its nest. ($4)


-In December, we'll be at the Publication Fair at the Ace Cleaners in Portland on December 19th, and (hopefully) the DIY Holiday Fair in Seattle on December 2nd.

-Our own Joshua James Amberson will be releasing a chapbook of personal essays with Two Plum Press this month and there will be a joint release party at the IPRC here in Portland on November 30th.

-Eugene's Euzine Comics & Zine Fest is on November 10th.

-Local writer and journalist and Sex from Scratch author Sarah Mirk just put out a new graphic novel called Open Earth.

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