Black Light Diner- great distro of comics, perzines, and more.
Click Clack Distro- out of Virginia, carrying zines that are "personal, political, DIY, How-To, skill sharing, mental health, and health" related.
Fight Boredom- zine distro out of Montreal, Canada, carrying a wide range of zines and posting lots of blogs and reviews.
Hen House Distro-zine distro out of Birmingham, Alabama.
Last Earth Distro- Olympia radical book distro, carrying a range of books, zines, and pamphlets that explore radical politics and counterculture ideas.
Marching Stars- UK distro of zines, buttons, and temporary tattoos.
Microcosm- giant mega-distro. Tons of great zines, books, planners, shirts, buttons, patches, etc.
Once Upon a Time-(new-ish?) Philly-based distro with an awesome selection!
Paper Doll Circus- a soon-to-be awesome distro! Check it out, submit, support.
Riot Grrr Distro- a more focused distro that mostly takes on zines and music that deal with feminism, queerness, gender, and the personal as political.
Stranger Danger Distro- great zine distro out of Chicago, Il. One we always turn to for a good selection.
Sweet Candy Distro- long-running distro (now based out of Olympia!) carrying zines, buttons, books, and handmade goods.
Take Care Distro- zine distro based out of Sydney, Australia.
Things You Say Distro- awesome zine distro based out of Keyport, New Jersey.
Vampire Sushi- UK distro of zines and (bad ass!) buttons and patches.

Record Labels
Anonymous Monk- Olympia label of dark folk minimalism and beautiful art prints.
Bicycle Records- long-running Olympia indie pop label.
Corpus Callosum- NW label/distro of noise and experimental oddities from around the world.
Dandelion Gold- Seattle label/collective that combines well-crafted songwriting with experimental leanings.
Dropping Gems- Portland label of future roots, stuttering beats, and low end.
Electricity and Lust- NW limited edition vinyl and printmaking label. 
Fkdp Records- Portland label of broken breakcore, melting ambiance, and ravestep.
Highfives and Handshakes- Seattle label that releases great bands. Including Oly all stars like Kickball!
K Records-The legendary, long-running Olympia independent. Dear friends who put out great things.
Lost Sound Tapes- Seattle tape label of indie pop all stars and sweethearts.
People in a Position to Know- limited edition and interesting-ly shaped and sized vinyl out of Olympia, Wa.
Rumbletowne- Olympia-based punk label of never-ending goodness.
Talking Helps- it's true. Limited edition vinyl collective, running out of many spots throughout the Northwest.
Wizards of the Ghost- Seattle tape label of haunting indie pop tape music.

Dumpster Values - Olympia's biggest and best vintage shop, amazing community space.  
Earthlight Books- Walla Walla, Wa.-based bookstore.
Last Word Books- Olympia bookstore run by great guys.
Left Bank Books- long-running radical Seattle bookstore. 
Orca Books- long-running Olympia bookstore that houses many MVPD things and keeps one of us employed.
Portland Button Works- new shop in PDX for buttons, zines, and more. 
Quimby's Bookstore- zinester Mecca based out of Chicago, Il.
Rainy Day Records- Olympia's longest-running record shop.
Reunion Vintage- amazing vintage clothing shop out of Portland, Or.

Online Shops
Boy Girl Party- cuteness abounds.
Buy Olympia- independently made everything out of Portland, Or.
Eberhardt Press- our go-to press! Blank books, radical pamphlets, and available for all yr printing needs.
Herbivore Botanicals- amazing vegan soap company out of Seattle, Wa.
Mend My Dress Press- the best new Northwest publisher around. Anthologized zine collections and more! 

Sites & Blogs
Campfire Island- punk radio show, blog, and show calendar out of Olympia, Wa.
Drew Christie- the amazing art and adventures of Seattle's Drew Christie.
Drunk Reviews- led by Craven Rock, of the zine Eaves of Ass, this is all transcribed drunk music reviews.
Funwater Awesome- the observations of Funwater Awesome author Zach Mandeville.
Letters With Mixtapes- Olympia-based music blog.
Monarch Review- Seattle-based literary journal.
My Day in Photos- a photo blog by Seattle photographer Joseph Peter.
Occupy Olympia- taken down, but still doing work.
One Minute Zine Reviews- Dj Frederick, radio and media preservationist, reviewing zines.
Olympia All Ages Project/The Northern- making all ages music & art a reality in downtown Olympia.
Punk Rock Permaculture- Olympia-based blog of permaculture ideas and happenings.
Punk Rock Preservation Society- run out of The Evergreen State College here in Olympia, Wa. Zine archivers, event organizers, and more.
Racoon Collective- Olympia arts and event organizing collective. Purveyors of Westside Artswalk.
Rad Dad- the blog of radical parenting, based on the zine of the same name, written by the amazing Tomas Moniz.
Rascal Magazine-an online (someday print) magazine of journalism, essays, art, and culture.
Ravenswing Zines- new spot for great zine reviews.
Rosie Finn- amazing local astrologer.
Resume of Charm- observations from the eyes of Resume of Charm author, Danielle Rodeo Warhola.
Syndicated Zine Reviews- an amalgamation of zine reviews.
Zine World- home to the longest running zine review publication and a great reference spot for all things necessary to the underground press!

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